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non_stop_james is a place for everything James Marsters.
James himself or one of the many characters he has portrayed on-screen or otherwise (including Harry Dresden and other voice-over work). All multimedia types; fic (including rps), vids, photos, manips, etc and news, articles, recs, drabble calls, everything! So please feel free to become a member if you'd like to post something.

Your mod's are authoressnebula and mentalme85

>If you have any queries, questions, suggestions, problems or anything you would like to talk about relating to the community please click here to PM mentalme85.


Thanks to tamakin for the graphics and mad_brilliant_ for letting us use her wonderful photos.
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Non Stop James for EVERYTHING James Marsters

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★When posting news, Please check it hasn't already been posted.
No flaming, trolling etc. Play nice please!
★All the authors/artists love feedback.
★You can pimp communities, but they must be James related. Please check it hasn't already been pimped first and only post once.
★If posting a request of some kind, please only post once.
★At the moment tagging by the Mod's only (this may change if we get swamped!).
Adult stuff is ok, but only if it is behind a cut and clearly labeled with the rating and not work/child safe above the cut so it stays on the post when the cut is clicked.
Post warnings to fiction and art if there's any. Rate everything you can. Ratings guide HERE
★Fic, long articles and art etc behind a cut. 3 teaser icons allowed, the rest go behind the cut. LJ cut help HERE and HERE
★Make sure you tell us the title of the fic, rating, chapter size, time period/spoilers, pairing, the usual stuff.

Fic template: (copy & Paste)


The non_stop_james Newsletter is posted every Sunday. The first one was released on the 22nd October 2006. All links contained within it are from that week except in the old favorites section where they can be older.

Members are encouraged to get involved and suggest graphics, fiction and news to be considered for each weeks Newsletter by commenting on the most recent Newsletter post. If you wish to regularly recommend work/be a reporter please contact mentalme85.

The Newsletter Reporters
xheartrockx and 3 other lovelies (if you wish to be listed let me know)

If you miss an issue all Newseletter posts are tagged and added to the community memories, a link is below.



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